Case Study

Early Retirement to Chase a Dream

bizoyarn sk 95428282Teri was a long-time client who decided to act on a dream of owning her own business.  Together, we worked on a financial plan with assumptions of her retiring from her current employer, and establishing her new business.  The plan included what-if scenarios for startup costs, revenue growth, and what it would take for her to start showing positive earnings.  We established what she would need to provide for herself in financial independence, and set up a retirement plan that provided for a loan, should she need to use it. New tax laws would also provide for additional cushion if needed during startup.  Teri’s personal insurance needs had been addressed in prior years, and with this plan, the need for business owner’s disability insurance was addressed.

Teri is now into her fifth year of entrepreneurship and planning her exit strategy for when she fully retires.


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