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Wood Smith Advisors focuses on the special needs of entrepreneurs and estate beneficiaries. We are attuned to the unique financial concerns of women.   Life changing events such as the sale of a business, an inheritance or retirement bring special joys. They also present challenges. How to preserve wealth and make it productive are not often top of mind. But when the time is right, we walk with you to first develop a plan and then put that plan in motion. We have worked with a wide range of very different financial issues, including:

Check financial stress off the list 

afcouple sk 43969714Most of our clients would not consider themselves wealthy, but through a variety of circumstances have accumulated financial resources worth preserving. While most are prudent and some are financially sophisticated, all of them have a need for the expertise of a fee-only advisor. A firm that works for them, and doesn't rely on commissions related with product sales.

When we decide to work together, the first step is getting to know you, your dreams, aspirations, goals and challenges. We collect a lot of details that go into a comprehensive financial plan. We analyze your options and detail the action items to achieve your vision of success.
As your advisor, our role is to give you a clear path forward.  To do that, we take a calm, problem-solving approach that starts from wherever you are today. We begin with understanding your perspective on risk and your desire for return.  Together, we’ll look at how you define wealth, what concerns you have, where you are now, where you’d like to be. Then we will build a custom plan designed to achieve your goals.
One of the biggest risks is having an excellent plan sit in a binder gathering dust. That’s why I’m not only a planner, but a counselor, walking with you month after month to put the plan into action.

At any time you should know where you stand

  • You are on track to achieve your goals whether college education, retirement, travel, or a financial legacy.
  • Market volatility is not a major concern because your plan takes that into account.
  • When a major life event occurs, you have someone you can turn to for timely and effective counsel.

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