Understanding The Financial Planning Process

When it comes to financial planning, Wood Smith’s services begin and end with you in mind! We are a fee-only, Fiduciary firm with comprehensive financial services that partners with clients to simplify their financial lives. 

Our firm works closely with you to determine your best possible solution. We plan with you through investment advice, tax strategy, financial, retirement, estate, and business planning.

We start with where you are in life right now and walk further down the path with you by helping you plan for your future. 

This process is also very personal to us. We want to get to know you and cultivate a relationship with you. That way, we aren’t just looking at hard numbers; we seek out your passions and goals to help you realize how you can attain them through customized financial planning.

Simple Steps To A Collaborative Approach

We can explain our collaborative approach to a brighter financial future in a few simple steps.

First, we’re relationship-driven, and we’ll start by getting to know more about you. To do that, we will ask you some questions, like “What brings you here? What are your dreams? Your concerns? Where do you see yourself in the future?” 

Once we know you better, we can determine together if Wood Smith’s unique approach to wealth management is a good fit for your goals and needs. 

From the point that we begin working together, we start with the planning process. Wood Smith is a holistic/comprehensive financial planning and wealth management firm. 

Let that assure you we will leave no stone unturned in helping you define your goals and values and help you paint a picture of the life plan you are working toward. Rather than saying that a plan won’t work, we look at ways to make it a reality! 

Crafting Your Best Plan

A good financial plan starts with good information.  

As we develop the plan, we clarify and analyze the information to provide answers to your questions, and a roadmap to follow.

We want to ensure you feel confident in the path that lies before you and feel confident in your next steps, be they buying a house, starting a family, retiring or creating a legacy.

We’ll Keep Reviewing Your Plan And Offer Ongoing Support.

Life rarely stays the same, and we wouldn’t expect you (or your plan) to either! Because of this, we offer ongoing planning and updates as needed.

Perhaps you’re a new grandparent and want to spend more quality time with your grandchildren and want to determine how to be financially part of their lives, i.e., saving for their college education. 

Here, we help our clients understand their plan backward and forward—for us, education is paramount. We provide ongoing support to get our clients to and through retirement or whatever season of life they’re working toward.

Have questions about how we can help you create a financial plan that leads to your dreams? We’re here to help! Contact us today by clicking here.

Wood Smith Advisors, a woman-owned Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), is a fee-only fiduciary financial services firm that partners with its clients to simplify their financial lives. We focus on women, entrepreneurs, and individuals with complex financial situations, providing objective and competent advice, education, and services to help them develop and build their businesses and reach their financial goals. We can be reached by clicking here.

"Finance Made Simple" blog posts are intended for educational purposes and not for specific advice. Each person’s situation is different. Consult your financial advisor for advice relating to topics discussed.

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