Lifestyle Changes During a Global Pandemic

If the past several months have taught us anything, it’s that we as humans are so much more adaptable than we realized. The coronavirus pandemic took the world by surprise, and individuals and families across the nation had to adjust their lives to accommodate social distancing, widespread shutdowns, and mask mandates. Although these times have been trying (to say the least!), it’s been truly inspiring to see how resilient people are. Many individuals and families have been making adjustments to their lifestyles to better reflect their priorities within the confines of quarantine. 

My Personal Experience with Coronavirus-Inspired Change

I am a walking testament to the fact that this socially-distanced pandemic can help to clarify priorities! Recently, I made the decision to relocate to Tennessee to be closer to family. With social distancing and travel restrictions in place, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to include my children and grandchildren in my socially distanced “pod” of people if we lived states away! Although I visit my distant granddaughter via FaceTime, it is comforting to know family is just a few minutes away.

In all the years I have been a business owner, working virtually has become increasingly prevalent and easy. Several of the contractors I have worked with for years have been virtual, and many of my clients have relocated and are scattered across the United States and others have found me online or via referral. The cloud makes it possible to work from anywhere internet is available.

There are so many tools available to stay connected to clients and coworkers regardless of location, and with most of the country working semi-virtually this year, that has become more clear than it ever has been before. Video conferencing, online client portals, and other business tools can streamline processes, save everyone time, and actually elevate the entire client experience.  More people have moved to their desired locations, for pre-retirement and have found a way to continue working.

I’m excited to step into this new season of life and business, and am thrilled to share my experience with you.  Being able to see my new grandson on a regular basis is beyond words!

Clarifying Your Priorities

2020 has been a challenging year in more ways than one. If we take anything away from it, it should be that clarifying priorities and living accordingly is key to personal fulfillment and happiness. While some may still be bound to a traditional office for work, that will likely adjust in the future as we as a nation have seen the possibilities of virtual work.  As they say, you only live once!

Retirees may feel more empowered to explore relocation knowing they can move closer to their loved ones, or stay in touch from afar. Take this time to focus on clarifying your priorities and adjusting the plans you have for your life to fully live into them. 

Need help making your financial plan match your new, exciting life plan? I’d love to talk with you. As someone who has personally lived the experience of recreating my life after experiencing more virtual work throughout coronavirus, I can speak to any challenges you may run into. As a financial planner, I am passionate about helping families to create a plan for their wealth that aligns with their values and lifestyle goals. 

Ready to get started? Reach out to me today by clicking here. I look forward to hearing from you!

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