Summer Activities for Retirees

When you worked full time, summer may have been full of week-long vacations or long weekend trips. Now that you’re retired, you have the opportunity to “vacation” any time that you like. So, how do you plan for the summer as a full-time retiree? There are several activities you might want to consider during this new season of life.

Get Outside

Studies have shown that setting up a fitness routine in your 60s and 70s can help to make a positive impact on your long-term health - even if you’ve never been very active in the past. Summer is a great time to start an exercise routine. 

Consider walking, jogging, heading out on a hike, or trying out a yoga class. If you want to commit even further to your fitness journey, you might think about signing up with a physical trainer who specializes in working with retirees. They can help you to build a forward-thinking exercise strategy that’s uniquely tailored to your physical abilities. 

Go Swimming

Even if running or more intensive forms of exercise are off the table, swimming can be a great way to get moving during the summer. You can look for local group swimming and fitness courses, or head to your community pool during lap swim to cool off and get some exercise in.

Start a Garden

Did you know that studies have shown that gardening reduces your risk of dementia, improves your mood, mitigates feelings of loneliness, and acts as a kind of exercise? The truth is that gardening, even if it’s just tending a small number of flower pots or a container vegetable and herb garden, can be a fantastic way for retirees to spend their time during the summer for a variety of reasons. Health benefits aside, gardening is known to help people feel more connected to the present, and to give them a sense of accomplishment. 

Find Local Activities

If you’ve lived in your area for a while, you may have forgotten what drew you there in the first place. Check out your city’s website for upcoming events, or follow them on Facebook to see what’s going on in the coming months. From free fitness meet-ups to community art classes, you may be surprised to discover what your local area offers. 


In the summertime, volunteer opportunities are everywhere you look. Now is a fantastic time to get involved with a cause you’re passionate about - even if it’s only for a few days a week (or a few weeks of the summer). Check to see if your local animal shelter needs help, if your city’s farmer’s market looks for summer volunteers, or if there’s a community clean-up day you can help to coordinate.

Return to Work

Many retirees find they feel a little aimless after leaving their full-time careers behind. Part-time work for community organizations can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment back to your day-to-day - and summer is the perfect time to look for job openings! Look for part-time jobs that match your interests.

For example, if you love working with kids, a part-time job coordinating community summer day-camp activities, or helping out at your local library. Alternatively, if you can’t get enough of the summer sun, contact your community garden center to see if they have any openings available. 

Looking for inspiration? Want help creating a retirement income plan that supports your summer plans? Get in touch with us today! We’d love to discuss your lifestyle and financial goals as you move to and through retirement.

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