Our Philosophy on Managing Wealth

fem60por sk 94474846Individual Focus

You are uniquely important– how you define wealth, what worries you, where you are now, where you’d like to be.

Individual focus is critical to an effective plan. We spend the time to know you and where you want to go. Wood Smith Advisors takes a real-world, problem-solving approach to creating your plan, protecting your assets and growing your portfolio. Our purpose is to clear away confusion and concerns. We help you set realistic goals to achieve security and then to start realizing your dreams. Together we build a reasonable plan for achieving them, starting with where you stand now and your unique circumstances. Risks, new opportunities and challenges are explicitly addressed, ranging from a volatile market, to unforeseen life events. We focus on protecting your wealth, then growing it.

 Integrity, Dependability and Trust

You can count on us to give you absolutely honest guidance about what you do – and don’t – need to secure your future. We are here to solve problems, not sell products.   As a fee-only independent advisor, we are accountable to our clients, our regulators and ourselves. We work for you, not an insurance or investment company. Your interests come first.  Clients can count on consistent and honest application of the guiding principles of our profession. We are diligent in our research and explain the results so clients understand what needs to happen. Trust is earned, not assumed.

 Counselor Relationship

coupledeck-cb36738958We help you put the plan into action and walk with you through every chapter of your life. Together we adjust for new circumstances. We educate you on options, and point out implications of choosing one over another.  We help you feel greater contentment where you are today as we prepare and protect you: so you can enjoy what lies ahead. We will also be frank about where changes need to be made.  We are trustworthy, approachable, warm, patient and committed to your best interests.

Expertise and Excellence

Our clients take planning very seriously, because we certainly do. Financial plans are often life-changing. We use the best tools to identify the issues, research the options and make sound recommendations. Wood Smith Advisors invests in the people, tools, training and skills to analyze the most complex situations. With many years of experience from large corporations to small businesses, helping a wide range of clients, we bring the right resources to our relationship with you.

Simplicity, Calm and Persistence

We know how important it is to make personal finance understandable. We illuminate complex issues for our clients. We have found the better informed clients are, the most value they gain from our work, taking control of their finances and their lives. Our approach is to be a stabilizing influence: measured, reassuring and thorough. We guide our clients through market swings, tax law changes and life-changing situations. We strive to find the best way to fulfill your needs and help you achieve the wants and wishes.  We rarely push, but do not hestitate when changes need to be made. 

Finance Made Simple

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