Our Approach to Wealth Management

 We plan for your dreams

fembench sk 72347356It is the process of thinking and adapting to new realities. Investing is just one part of good financial management.  Before making any recommendation, we carefully think through the issues and how a decision in one part of a plan will affect other parts.

We begin with a conversation, about you. What brings you here? Where are you now? Where would you like to be? What are your dreams?

We then use a structured process to understand your tolerance for uncertainty and your desire for growth. We discuss risk and how it is different from market volatility. We learn about how you think and how you act in making investment choices.

Our plans are goal-oriented. We go through a financial needs assessment, a budget, anticipated major events and possible risks. We look at your assets and obligations now and where they could be in the near future.  This information helps us to determine if and how you may reach your desired goals.

We identify the issues, develop options and analyze different routes to achieve your goals. We look at alternatives and what-if's. This disciplined thinking leads to solutions that are solid, but often quite creative in accomplishing  desired outcomes.

 We are there, with you

bizospice sk 123790510We meet with our clients regularly as they implement the plan to share observations, discuss the options and adjust as needed. Planning is an active and collaborative effort. We are right beside you, guiding you through the process.

One product of the process is a recommended allocation of assets. Asset allocation is a model portfolio suitable to your tolerance for risk, need for current income and desire for growth. The asset allocation is the guide we use to make investment decisions on your behalf.

"It's easy to make plans.  It's the act of planning and implementation that brings plans to life."   - Donna Wood

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